Welcome to St. Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church was completely refurbished by the Churches Conservation Trust in 2007. An architectural appraisal and a geological appraisal of the exterior building stone were also carried out in 2004 by experts in their field.

The Friends, founded 2004 to support and preserve the church in the community have by their fund raising events and visitor’s donations added enhancements. The CCT is not responsible for projects outside the church yard wall therefore the dangerous steps and pathway leading up to the lych gate were in a very dangerous condition for visitors, the Friends undertook the repair. They also looked to the environment straggling woods were cleared, old hedgerows removed and replaced and the broken down churchyard wall was repaired. Most enhancing was the provision of the electric door opening enabling the church to be accessible at designated times every day of the year. (be aware of summer time adjustments)  

This ancient church is ready to face the future.
The isolated hilltop position with the stunning views from the lych gate  attracts regular visitors seeking peace and relief from modern stress. Most appreciative has been the provision of seats inviting rest even when the church is closed.     

A four page free guide is available showing walk around points of interest together with detailed stages of the church development. The architect’s plans are included for those who wish to delve deeper.